Touch Ups

touch ups touch ups touch ups touch ups

TOUCHUPS: We recommend you come back for your touchup 6-12 weeks from the initial procedure. The reason why this touchup is very important is because we have no idea how your skin will react to the procedure and how it will heal. Healing results vary from client to client and depend on aftercare, lifestyle, and skin type. We use this appointment to analyze the healing results and make any changes needed for the best results possible. 


If you are not able to come back for your touchup in 6-12 weeks, you can definitely come back later but keep in mind the price will increase since the color might fade more than the usual making the appointment time much longer. 


After your first touchup, we recommend coming back yearly for colour boosts. NOT EVERYONE will require a yearly touchup. Please remember we care about you and we would much rather keep the integrity of your skin as healthy as possible so if we don't think you need a touchup we will reschedule you for a later date.