Ombre Powder 

ombre powder ombre powder ombre powder

Ombre Powder is a type of semi-permanent makeup done with a cosmetic tattoo machine and a fine needle depositing pigment into the epidermis layer of the skin causing the LEAST trauma possible. Ombre brows is for those clients who are looking for the makeup, filled in look. The tails of the brows are darker and fade into a lighter color in the fronts giving that perfect ombre makeup effect. We can do ombre in either a soft density for a more natural look or an intense density for a bolder look. Ombre powder is perfect for any skin type, but recommended for those with oily skin. It typically lasts 1-3 years after the touchup. 

*A 2nd session is recommended after 6-12 weeks after the initial appointment to fill in any patches, add more darkness, or make any changes needed FOR ALL SERVICES*

Mony & Lexi $404

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