Frequently Asked Questions

What is Semi Permanent Makeup?

Semi-permanent makeup is a form of tattoo artistry that resembles makeup. It lasts anywhere from 6 months to 3 years depending on the service, after care, and lifestyle. Body tattoos use ink while cosmetic tattoo procedures involve pigments. These pigments are designed to gently fade over time. Fading is desired as it allows the artist to make changes to color and shape over the years as client’s natural coloration and facial changes occur.

Is it safe to get this done?

Yes, it is safe as long as guidelines are met. Please read over the eligibility section in the ”MUST READ” tab to see if you are a safe candidate for the procedure. If you are not, you must get a doctors note to be able to proceed with the procedure. We take our clients safety very seriously. We are professionally trained and licensed by the health department. We are compliant with all the forms and procedures. Our tools are sterile and for one time use only, they are disposed of safely after each client . We use new tools on each client for safety precautionary purposes. Our working space is sterilized, and wiped down by medical grade products after each client. We are dedicated to ensuring every clients safety.

How long does the appointment take?

It varies per client but it takes about 3 hrs on average. The first hour includes filling out paperwork, consultation, mapping and shaping, and choosing a color. The last 2 hrs are spent numbing, tattooing, cleaning up the brows, and taking the final pictures.

Does it hurt?

It completely depends on your pain tolerance. We do the first pass with no numbing cream in order to break the skin. After the first pass, we numb and the rest of the session is relatively painless. Some clients feel a little bit of discomfort and others have gone through the process without the numbing cream with ease. PLEASE NOTE that if you are a frequent smoker or have your appointment during your menstrual cycle, the pain level could be intensified.

When is the touch-up? How often do I need to get touch ups?

We recommend you come back for your 1st touchup 6-12 weeks from your initial appointment. At the touchup appointment we will make any necessary changes needed (color, thickness, shape). This is the PERFECTING SESSION. Without this 2nd session your brows will fade significantly. We ask you to please not compare your healed results to anybody else. Everyone heals different, has different skin type, follows aftercare differently. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE YOUR HEALING RESULTS. Please understand that we do our absolute best for you to have the best healed results but it ultimately depends on how your skin takes it.

The treatment is considered semi-permanent and will fade over time. Touch-ups are recommended every 1-2 years maintain shape, color, and detail. How often depends on a number of factors including:

- Skin type (oily skin fades faster)

- Pigment color used (lighter colors fade faster)

- Sun exposure (over time can cause fading and discoloration of the pigment)

- Use of daily anti-aging products e.g.- (Tretinoin (Retin-A) & Alpha Hydroxy). These products increase your cell turnover rate and will shorten the life of your cosmetic tattoo

- Lifestyle

Is the touch up included?

Unfortunately no, it is NOT included. We usually require the touchup to be done 6-12 weeks from the initial appointment and we can't guarantee that you (the client) will come back during that gap. So we broke down the price into the initial session and the touchup so the client doesn't feel forced to come back 6-12 weeks after, though it is recommended. If the client comes back AFTER the 12 weeks, there is a price increase.

How long does it last?

Again, it depends on different factors but all of our services last anywhere from 2-3 year after the touchup

Can i get this done if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

NO. Our pigments contain small particles of metal that can be transferred to the baby. The pigments have not been approved by the FDA so effects are unknown.

Can you cover old tattoos and microblading?

Most tattoos yes. Some of the traditional tattoos are more difficult to work with. They are deeply layered verses the softer approach used today. Most of the time, the traditional tattoos require tattoo removal and resting period for the skin before being able to be worked on again. However, you can send us a picture of your eyebrows and we can tell you what can and cannot be done.

Products and Equipment

To ensure the highest quality of safety, all of our tools are one time use only. ALL blades, hand tools, wipes, and any other product used during the procedure are disposed of as biohazardous waste after each appointment, giving each client peace of mind.

What should I do before my appointment?

- Bring a photo ID

- If you have an ideal shape and color in mind, bring a few reference photos with you to your appointment.

- You may fill in your eyebrows as you normally would so we can take into consideration the shape you desire.

- Foundation/Makeup, in case you want to touch up your makeup for the “after” pictures. During the procedure, parts of your foundation around the brows will be removed. I would also recommend you to put makeup on before your appointment, if you would like to be picture perfect for the “before” and “after” photos.

- If you have been on prescription Accutane in the past, you must wait at least one year before considering this procedure.

- You must stop using Retinol 2 weeks prior to your appointment and avoid using it for the 2 weeks following your appointment.

- If you get Botox regularly please get that done 3 months before your appointment. This is to ensure we can make your brows as symmetrical as possible.

- Avoid chemical peels at least 4 weeks prior to your appointment.

- Avoid direct sun exposure and tanning for 2 weeks before and after your procedure. Do not come to your appointment with a sunburn.

- Avoid alcohol, caffeine, ibuprofen, fish oil, vitamin E, or any blood thinning medication 24 hours prior to your appointment.

- If you plan to go on a vacation, it is recommended to plan your trip a minimum of 10 days after the procedure due to the aftercare maintenance

What to expect

Immediately following your procedure, the tattooed area will appear to be darker and bolder in color and more sharply defined. This will last 3-7 days. PLEASE DONT PANIC, it is normal. Swelling and redness is minimal with most clients, and will disappear within 24-48 hours. In some cases, it may last around the eyebrow area for up to 3 days, but will not prevent working or socializing. The treated area may feel a bit like a sunburn afterwards but there should only be minimal discomfort. The complete healing process takes about 6 weeks, at which time the true color of the tattoo is evident. During this process, your tattoo will soften and lighten. Be patient, even if you think too much color has been lost, as your skin is still regenerating and naturally exfoliating. Wait at least 6 weeks to see the true color, as it seems to take on new strength, and it is only after 6 weeks that your touch-up/adjustment can be done. Please note that final results can not be guaranteed as each unique skintype will hold pigments differently and break down at different rates. We will re-evaluate how your skin has received the pigment at your touch-up appointment and make any changes necessary. Healed results will vary with each individual client and using a pencil or powder may still be needed. Additional sessions (charged accordingly) may be required to obtain optimal results.


- Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the tattooed area.

- Clean eyebrows everyday with damp cotton pad and purified/bottled water twice a day until fully healed (takes about 4-14 days to fully heal)

- Keep eyebrows dry (avoid soaking in water ex. swimming or sauna) when healing. When taking a shower make sure to put your head back so the water slides backwards and not directly on the brows.

- No exercising, tanning, waxing or threading. No makeup, eyebrow pencil, lotion, or any other facial products on the brows until fully healed.

- DRY HEAL (No ointments, lotions, oils, vaseline on brows)

- Apply A&D ointment if they are too dry (ONLY if artist advises you to)

- Use a hat if you know you will be out in the sun for a while. Sun can significantly alter the color.

- Once they are fully healed, applying sunscreen on brows is recommended.

Do I pick my own shape or how do we go about the shape & color?

For the shape, we follow the clients facial structure and natural hair flow. We do ask for a picture of how the client regularly shapes the brow so we can adjust our shape and get as close to what the client requests. For the color, we go off of the clients natural brow hair color. We also mix our pigments to achieve the color the client desires. Please remember that eyebrows are sisters, not twins. We can only do so much to make them as symmetrical as possible. No one has exact symmetrical facial features so we can only work with what we have.