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Mony & Lexi

Monica Valles

Mony Mony Mony Mony Mony 

At a very young age I was exposed to strangers negative criticism of my physical appearance; hence my Mexican descent.  Most of my elementary and middle school years I got bullied for having thick eyebrows  or a uni-brow to be exact. I became very self-conscious of my facial hair and appearance. I researched and obsessed over eyebrows for years changing my Frida Khalo style, to the super thin 90’s style, to loving and accepting my natural shape and structure like I do now. Like most Millennials I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life after High school. I made my parents proud and did as they wished and got a job with my sister at a Logistics Company. I was miserable and always went back to my guilty pleasure 

on my down time; EYEBROWS! It became my hobby, and slowly I started experimenting on my family by shaping, waxing, and  putting makeup on their brows. Then one blessed day I came across my trainers IG page and Permanent Makeup quickly became my Dream and Passion. PMU opened the door for me to find my purpose in life and it gave me the courage and power to quit my job, go against my parents wishes and take a leap of Faith into making my dreams come TRUE. I spent all my life savings to get certified and educated in the field and convinced my sister to start this Amazing Journey with me. It has fulfilled my life in many wonderful ways by letting me empower beautiful women, enhancing their natural beauty, and most importantly  help and motivate anyone who wants to follow their dreams.

Alexis Valles

Lexi Lexi Lexi Lexi Lexi Lexi Lexi 

My name is Alexis and I am Co-Owner of Aura Beauty Inc. 

I am eternally grateful for my sister Monica for encouraging me in starting this wonderful and exciting journey together. I have always had little to no eyebrows, my facial hair was extremely thin and blonde so my eyebrows were nonexistent. When Mony showed me how how to do my eyebrows with makeup it completely changed my life. It gave me the confidence and the reassurance that I never had. I noticed how much of a difference eyebrows make in someone’s face. 

This is what inspired me to certify myself in Permanent Makeup, I wanted to provide the same confidence and self acceptance to other people. Self-love is extremely important and I feel fulfilled to know that I can change a persons life in a positive manner; in the same way my life was changed


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